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Are you looking to improve your singing voice for public performances?

Are your looking to develop your voice and sing as a hobby..

Do you have an event or audition coming up and need some vocal direction?

Whether youre thinking of starting singing lessons to become a professional singer or even just to sing as a hobby, We'll work closely with you to improve you voice, build your confidence and have you singing like a STAR!

Our professional singing tutors in Peterborough will guide and mentor you each step of the way:

You'll learn to dramatically improve your singing voice as we work on all areas of your voice such as breathing, tuning, range, tone, strength and much more so you can take your voice to its full potential.

We'll also work on your Confidence and and take your performance to the next level so you can perform in front of large crowds.

You'll get to record Demos in our Recording Studio Experience and create something you can take home on CD.

Lesson by lesson you'll be able to create your own professinal demo, perfect for sending off to auditions, contacts or even just for your own personal use.

We offer both private one to one singing lessons and small group lessons.

If you are looking to improve yourself or just want to work on a audition piece, call us today to get started.

Whether you're a total beginner looking to start or an experienced professional that wants to improve, come along to the Peterborough Singing school and you'll get your starter session for just £1.00 to help you get started on your singing journey.

Whether you want to become a professional singer or even just to sing as a hobby, come along to the Peterborough Singing school for your starter session and get started on your singing journey today.

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