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Singing Teacher Job Opportunities in Peterborough

If you’re a singing teacher based in the Cambridgeshire area, this could be the perfect teaching opportunity for you.

Our school has work opportunities for talented singing teachers that can coach people one-to-one and help student’s get to the next step in their singing journey.

We’re looking for a STAR QUALITY singing teacher that:

1: Has a friendly, warm and welcoming personality happy to teach all ages.

2: Has a great knowledge of vocal coaching and music with the ability to teach and improve students voice tone, range, breathing, articulation, confidence and all necessary vocal skills.

3: Has a great deal of teaching experience teaching one-to-one, group lessons or both and has lots of teaching experience having helped previous singing students improve their singing voice, their confidence and their overall performance.

4: Has a dependable mode of transport to get to and from the school and ideally lives within 10-15 minutes of Peterborough.

5: Has a flexible time frame you can commit to teaching our students.

6: Is ‘tech savvy’ and understands the computer environment (nothing advanced, but you must be able to do simple organisation tasks, find songs online, do demo recordings and be willing to learn a process if necessary).

If you think you’d fit the bill, get in touch today and tell us why you’re a good match for the above job role.

Here’s how to apply:
Simply send us an email to [email protected] with the following:

-Your CV/work history and include as many relevant skills and previous singing, music and teaching experience.

-If you play any other musical instruments or have any other musical abilities, hobbies or experience, be sure to mention them.

-Confirmation that you meet the responsibilities listed above including transport, time flexibility/availability etc.

Looking forward to your application

-Peterborough Singing School Team